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Tyra Lee is a performing artist and published author. From the time she could hold a pencil she began creating characters and telling their stories. She created  the character of "Lola" in kindergarten. She wrote, illustrated and published her first children's book "Journeys with Lola" at the age of 17. She fell in love with acting at the age of 11 during a school theater audition where she took the lead and numerous lead roles after that. While receiving the best drama student award at 14 her class traveled to the remnants of the set for the movie "Courage Under Fire." She was inspired by the set and went home and wrote what would become her first short film "The Brave." She directed and shot  The Brave at 15 and premiered it at the El Paso Plaza Film Festival as well as the Las Cruses film festival. Tyra wrote and directed her second short  film "Dare You To Move" at 16, it too premiered at the film festival. Her love for acting has garnered her many lead roles in theater, commercials, film and modeling as well as many acting awards, scholarships and honors. Her resume, honors and auditions took  her to Los Angeles, California where she studied performing arts. When not in Los Angeles she is back home living in Texas. Her children's book has sold internationally and can be purchased digitally or in paperback all around the web in places like Lulu, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. 

Tyra's music is available now in all digital platforms such as Spotify and music videos on her YouTube channel. Available in both English and Spanish.

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